Nothing replaces a real pickup topper pt. 2

In our previous post we talked about how Jeeps are not the same as Pickup Toppers.  Sure they have some positive’s against a truck and pickup topper, but for work it’s just not the same.

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A station wagon pretending to be a truck with a pickup topper

Some people try to use station wagons like pickup toppers.  Check out this picture.  It is a station wagon pretending to be a truck with a pickup topper.  Sure, it’s a car, and it probably fits into those parking spaces labeled small car only but this is not really working and seems dangerous.  Carrying a long load is best done on the top of a pickup topper with the correct roof racks.  Using a station wagon as a truck with a pickup topper seems dangerous.  That load, if not secured properly could fly off the roof of this car.  And that material is drooping over the windshield reducing the visibility of the driver.  With a proper pickup truck and pickup topper this would not be a problem.

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