Nothing replaces a real pickup topper pt. 1

Take a look at the following photographs of people using other types of vehicles to haul stuff around like a truck with a pickup topper.   First we have an SUV or JEEP it looks like. The SUV does ok because this is a short ladder, but you have seats in the way if you want to store a lot of things in the back.  If this ladder was longer, a Pickup topper with Roof Racks would allow more space and you would have more room in the pickup bed to place more stuff.  I know some people think they can replace a real pickup truck and pickup topper with an SUV because they are smaller and have more seats.  But that’s what Quad Cab or Extended Cab trucks are for along with pickup toppers.  Some will argue that SUV’s get better gas mileage, but some trucks do as well.  And some will say that SUV’s are smaller and easier to navigate in the city.  Perhaps that is true, but even a small truck like a Chevy S10 or Ford Ranger with a pickup topper has more room in the back to haul stuff.

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This person is using a Jeep or SUV type vehicle as a truck with a Pickup topper

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