Pickup Toppers for Camping

It’s Spring!  And around here it feels like summer on the West Coast.  What better thing to do that head to the great outdoors and go camping?  And with the right pickup topper, you’ll be all set!  Sure, you can buy an RV for a few (hundred) thousand dollars…or you can just buy a pickup topper for camping!  Campers are great in that they offer a cozy space to sleep in and sometimes cook and clean while giving you the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.


Camper pickup topper on Dodge truck

It also costs thousands less to use a camper than to buy a dedicated RV to go camping.  And you can take the camper off your truck to save space and gas.  (Seriously, have you ever stored an RV in the off season or drove around in one?  The dedicated use and storage of an RV is very expensive compared to a camper pickup topper.)


Camper pickup topper