A.R.E vs. Leer truck caps

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A.R.E truck topper on a Ford F-150

The great debate begins between Leer vs. A.R.E.  To be honest, it’s very hard to find a lot of examples of A.R.E tuck toppers in my town.  Which just makes them more unique.  For some reason there are just a lot more LEER truck caps here, so mostly that’s what you will see.  Here’s an example of one of those rare A.R.E pickup toppers.  This was on an F-150 that was parked outside a safeway.  This truck camper shell is the same model of A.R.E pickup topper that I found at another location across town.  I’ve never seen another model of A.R.E pickup topper yet.  So unfortunately, this is probably going to be one of the few examples I’m going to be able to post on my site.   Notice the locks and roof racks.  This is a quality topper that is accessible and convenient.  When you paint the topper to match the truck, it just looks better in my opinion.  But since A.R.E is so few and far in between in my town, well, this is the best example so far.  I’ll post more pics as I find them.

truck camper shells truck bed campers pickup toppers leer truck caps

Leer truck topper on Chevy Silverado

Now we move onto Leer truck caps.  By far, this is the best selling pickup topper in my town.  However, best selling doesn’t always mean best (although Leer makes a pretty good pickup topper too!)  This example is on a Chevy Silverado and no, this post is not going to become a Ford vs. Chevy debate.  This particular topper was painted the same color as the truck.  It doesn’t open from the side, but it does have roof racks.  Also, it looks like this particular model was made entirely out of fiberglass where the A.R.E model was made out of steel.  Do we have a clear winner?  No, I don’t think so.  In terms of quality, in my opinion they both have their plus and minuses based on type of truck.  Leer truck toppers are better for some trucks while A.R.E is better for others in my opinion.  You just need to shop around and see if you can fit both brands pickup toppers on your truck and see what fits and looks better.  They are not the only manufacturers of pickup toppers but are both very well known.

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