Creating a two tone colored truck by mixing pickup topper colors

If you are not getting a body colored pickup topper, choosing something neutral is a safe bet. Black or white works alright with most trucks. truck camper shells truck bed campers pickup toppers leer truck caps

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What do I do with the foam tape?

A lot of people stick the foam tape that goes between the pick up topper and the truck onto the truck. But this is incorrect. You should stick the foam tape to the PICKUP TOPPER, not the truck. This way, your pick up topper will have a better

chance of sealing because when you take the topper on and off the truck, you’re constantly shifting it. You won’t always be able to place the topper onto the same spot on the truck all the time. But if the foam sealing tape is taped underneath the pickup topper itself, then even if you’re off by a little bit, there is always a seal between the foam tape and your truck. It looks ugly, but it works.

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